The Joy of Teaching Grandchildren to Knit

KnittingLooking for a perfect Holiday Gift for your grandchildren?

Knitting with my grandmother were the best times! She was fast; she knew every pattern, how to fix my totally messed up loops or cast-on disaster. And so I learned and loved it. I remember knitting all kinds of cute outfits, scarves and hats for my dolls and later advanced to more ambitious projects, like a sweater, socks or even finger mittens. Just the various gorgeous bright colors and feel of soft textured yarn was and still is an absolute delight. I am still amazed what we can create with simple manipulations of just two long needles and a roll of yarn! 

It has been years since my last knitting project. But then, surprise!! Recently my two 8-year-old grand-daughters asked me whether I could teach them how to knit. They saw a simple knitted square pad on my table and got excited about learning how to knit one for their mother. That was music to my ears! They remembered their knitting kit each got for Christmas a year ago. If they were not ready then, they surely were today.

Knitting teachers/experts say that children – and not only girls – are ready around the age of 7 and up. Enjoy this video to see how the kids learn and are fascinated.

What a delight! Eager little hands of the girls like in the video were quickly able to learn the hardest part: the cast-on. In no time, they got a feel for manipulating the yarn around two needles. Our square pad began to grow. And guess who enjoyed it the most: of course I did! We knitted, talked stories: “When I was your age . . .” I felt like being 8 years old again and their knitting buddy.

The girls clearly rekindled my fascination about this ancient craft. If you wonder about the history of knitting, you will love to read “Knitting: how it all began”  by Olivia Gordon. And, you also will enjoy, as I did, a more entertaining article of the history of knitting “The Sweater Curse” by Alison Lurie (in The New Yorker).

I got so excited realizing that teaching the children to knit and knitting a simple project with them is another terrific way to engage. You may be surprised, boys enjoy knitting as much I found out perusing through some wonderful books that were not available when I was young. And, if you don’t know how to knit or feel a bit shaky, why not learn it with the grandchildren! Here are some fabulous books with pictures and easy diagrams to follow. Some are so colorful and fun to browse through that they have landed on my holiday gift list.

A Taste of Great Knitting Resources for Kids

Discover or share in the joy of knitting!


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