The Day I Fell in Love With a Kindle!

Depositphotos_4048892_xsAre you a book lover? Is one of your best treats to browse around in the bookstore? Read in a comfy chair with a nice book and a cup of coffee or tea? Yes, I believe most of us grandmothers are. We did not grow up with electronic gadgets – in this case, with an eReader. The word did not even exist!

Just browse the Amazon site under eBook Readers and the variety of eReaders with accessories is mind-boggling. The most Ereaderspopular types of eReaders and household names today are the Kindle and the Nook. I will continue to refer to a Kindle as a general term as eReader.

How in the world could one fall in love with a Kindle? An electronic gadget that takes away the feel of a book?

The magic a book transcends to pleasure, curiosity, anticipation, excitement, . . . ? All creative cover presentations and printing styles are a feast for all senses.  It’s the feel of a book a Kindle cannot replace. I just could not be attracted to a Kindle until . . . one day I received a birthday package from my children: a brand new Kindle! I looked at it and a new world opened.

This was two years ago. Today my Kindle is nearly outdated. It does not have the bells and whistles of games and movies, etc.  But  the reasons why I fell in love with it holds true today as it did then.

Here are the highlights why I fell in love with my Kindle.

  1. You can enlarge the size of the letters. I am a slow reader and, like most of us, small print under poor light is a strain. Now, with a larger print image, I can read faster – at least it feels that way because I am reading and clicking away turning pages at a fast pace without straining my eyes.
  2. You can take it anywhere with you in your purse. Wherever I have to wait – doctor’s office, post office . . . you always have your reading companion with you. You know how frustrating it is to have small-print magazines in a poorly lid room!
  3. It is great for short stories, fiction and non-fiction; quick “How To . . .” Of course you can upload any size of book but I enjoy smaller ones for quick reads as mentioned in #2.
  4. Light. Many newer models today, but not all, have an adjustable lighting background. Pay attention to that! If they don’t, I suggest you get an accessory with a light. I have one and it is invaluable. And yes, the batteries hold about 8 to 10 hours, possibly longer today.

How a little 7″ thin tablet can hold hundreds of books is magic! Amazon has a wealth of free downloadable eBooks of any type available. If you go to and search in Kindle Store for free eBooks, you will find daily new offerings of all types, including wonderful children’s books.

Did you know that a Kindle HD 7″ WiFi 16 GB reached #2 in sales rank and the 16 GB model #6 I am showing here?  The Amazon site under eBook Readers has all the models and a great variety of accessories, including covers with lights, or clip-on lights.


Has the Kindle replaced my love for printed books? Absolutely not. Often I read a book on Kindle, love it, and order a printed copy to add to my library. Or, when I want to sit back at home with a special book, I still love to read, feel and smell a printed one. But I hope you will enrich your reading opportunities with a Kindle. I almost can promise: you will fall in love with it as I did!  Put a Kindle on your wish list! You will love it!

 Happy Kindling!

Disclaimer: If you buy any of the products I recommend, I will get a small commission but your prize will not change from the original. I do not recommend any products unless I have used them or would buy them for myself. I just love to share when I am excited about some fun things.


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