Can You Achieve True Wellness?

Yes, you can!

The winter has been long and brutal for many this year. Spring is still far away. Depending where you live, you may be shoveling snow or have to deal with icy roads. Your nose is stuffy, your head feels heavy and you are just not feeling up-to-par. That’s the time you just like to snuggle up with something hot to drink and a good book. I did exactly that. I grabbed a book long neglected on my shelf: The 22 {Non-Negotiable} Laws of Wellness by Greg Anderson.

You may ask why would I choose a book about Laws of Wellness instead of an exciting novel or mystery book to carry me into a world of endless imagination? And why would I now try to convince you to pick up this book, read it or read it again and keep it always near you to refer back to it?

Here is why. I know that you as much as I invest a lot of time, energy and resources in searching for the right formula to enhance our well-being. We fight a constant battle over the right food to eat and exercise regularly. The battle of weight control never seizes. Isn’t that the best we can do to achieve a sense of health and wellness? I thought so until I became inspired to learn that we are missing a vital aspect of a wellness lifestyle. That is to understand how we can tap our own inner resources and add to both the quantity and quality of our lives.

body hears res 300x300 Wouldn’t you want to achieve a sense of true wellness and joyful life?

Wouldn’t you want to feel, think, and live better than you ever thought possible?

Wouldn’t you feel encouraged to get a better sense of your unique well-being and how you can achieve it regardless of any physical limitations?

Greg Anderson, the author and cancer survivor advocates a holistic no-nonsense approach to health and well-being that is keenly sensitive to all facets of body, mind, and spirit. These twenty-two keys provide the definitive toolkit for achieving your own high-level wellness.

“Much more than a book on health, this is a gem on how to live” Mary Kay Ash writes.

Join me in living a life of true wellness!

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