Spring Walk After a Broken Heart

Spring walk III 350x260Spring!  Bright light breaking through. For many of you the winter was long, cold and treacherous at times.

This morning let me share my daily walk with you in my favorite park. It is a beautiful crisp, bright sunny day. It is here where I rekindle life within me and cleanse my soul. I have walked this path for many years through all seasons. Each is a new discovery.

Spring walk II 350x260

It has been long since I shared with you here in this Fun, Fit and Healthy Grandma community. Too long!

But when faced with life challenges, we easily close down and inward to cope while searching for our strength. This is what happened.

resize 375x269February – My little buddy and companion Turby, a miniature dachshund 17+ years old, gave all signs that it was time to go to sleep in peace. Four years ago he became blind and deaf; then, increasingly dependent, weak and frail. Turby loved this park and left his many markings on nearly every tree. This was a last picture, Oct. 2013.

128px-Broken_heartOne week later – “You had a heart attack, not a common one caused by a blockage, fortunately a mild one. It is an over-stressed heart, a failing heart,” the doctor said while I was tied to tubes and beeping monitors in the emergency room. “A failing heart? A stressed heart? That can’t be. I am a healthy person feeling fit most of the time! And I just finished half the training for a 10K race. Sure, I had to deal with stressful situations! But who has not?” I argued in disbelief and felt defeated.   “I am not finished with life yet,” I thought as I was silently overcome with fear and uncertainty.

Final diagnosis –Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy” or ”Broken Heart Syndrome.” A heart damage, only recently more recognized and researchers are paying attention. It is often fatal and happens to mostly menopausal and post-menopausal women who have experienced intense or sudden stress.

Naturally, I had to understand the magnitude of this serious women’s health issue, especially afflicting senior women. Since I am feeling better now, I am in the process of writing an informational book about this heart condition, how we can help each other and become a strong advocate for research, early detection and prevention: “When the Heart Strikes!”

The daily walks in the park has been my healing, especially at the awakening of spring. And I encourage you to do the same when down, when recovering, or whatever in your life pulls you back.

Nature talks to us in so many subtle ways and releases powerful healing energy. It shows us the beauty of life renewal. I had to bend down to really see these little delicate stars or the cracked shell of a bird’s egg.

Spring 350x260    Bird egg 350x260

Enjoy your spring walks if you can. If not, enjoy nature from your window or garden, or pictures.

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