Flower Rises From the Dark

My little rose greets us again after almost giving up

You may think what a weird title this is. And it is. But I did not know how else to describe my long absence here on the site. Let me just say: “I am sorry!”

My little rose and I went through a cycle together. Yesterday morning, after a rest and withdrawal for several months, a big red smile greeted me. The signal was clear: life has returned and it’s time to connect again.

We can get so wrapped up in all that overwhelms us at times: illness, slow recuperation, loss of a loved one, loss of purpose, and so goes the list. Sometimes we just cannot put together what would make sense to us and how to explain to others. Nor could my little rose when all the leaves drooped and dried despite all the care it got.

No, I will not discuss ‘depression’ today. Rather, let’s focus on life. That’s where the energy flows.

I want to celebrate everyone who is responsible for pulling me out from under. Little do they know! It is a community of family and grandchildren specifically, friends, a doctor, a coach; it is the magnificent nature around, the birds who greet me every morning and wait for their treats, and the brilliance of flowers. Above all, it is the Spirit beyond my comprehension.

Writing is a wonderful world to hide in, to become alive within, and to gain strength when feeling vulnerable in the outside world. We can talk and yet be so still. No matter how weird, how funny, how sad, . . . it’s all irrelevant. I wrote a lot and am ready to share again.

A kindle book on women’s heart health is approaching the finishing chapter. While writing it and researching the topic I gathered a number of short notes. I feel compelled to share all the information and insights I have gained.

To my dismay I realized how limited the information on women’s heart health is and even less circulated in the greater medical community. And, compared to men, research specific to women’s heart issues is yet so negligent. But, I also found that there is a heightened awareness among scientists and health professionals that the knowledge gap between men and women has to close.

In addition, I am waiting for approval of an article on women’s belly fat and the complex factors involved most diet and exercise programs don’t address. And much more!

May this post encourage and support you: whenever you feel down or overwhelmed, be patient with yourself and trust that your rose in your soul will bloom again.

Stay tuned, I will share it all and I am looking forward to hearing your experience, events and stories of life!

To your health and life enjoyment!


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