Day Trips To Enjoy Awsome Fall Sceneries

250x355River_in_autumn_fallA headline: “8 Fall Foliage Tours To Amaze You,” caught my attention as fall is showing its brilliance again.  Reading further: “Looking for leaves? Take a day trip down these scenic roads for the very best of what autumn has to offer,” I wanted to jump into the car and take the grandkids on an adventure ride to hear their:  “Aw” “Waw” “Cool” when driving through some amazing fall scenery.

Should you for some reason not be able to get away, let Kristen Sturt take you on a delicious virtual tour.  It will get you excited to change your mind and pack up this weekend for a day trip or even overnight to just soak up nature’s beauty at its glory. Or, if it is just a walk at a nearby park. I certainly will!

Nothing will uplift your spirit more and boost a joyful energy than the brilliant colors of fall!

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