Could Delicious Soups Also Attack Belly Fat?

Could nourishing soups be your weight loss answer and maybe attack belly fat? Yes, Tony Carapinha will show you.

As I was browsing the YouTube channel to find fun videos to watch with my grandchildren, this video title “Magic Diet Soup to Lose Weight” caught my attention. Soup is perfect for this season as the days are shorter and colder in most regions. But the season of putting on a few pounds is approaching with all the holiday goodies ahead. After watching and listening to Tony preparing his soup, you will understand why I had to share this with you.

Studies have shown that most of the extreme weight loss diets may work initially but most people gain back all they lost and more once they return to their regular diet. Instead, the heart healthy approach to lose weight, especially belly fat, is  to adjust your nutrition that is right for you and your taste. Tony understands that.

Just like a lot of others, I tried many diet systems, bought a lot of books, joined a fitness Club, but continued to struggle with my weight.

In his personal case study “How I Lost the Weight” he shares how he tested and customized his nutritional lifestyle to his taste and comfort.  He likes soups, rich in vegetables and fibers, but low fat. But they are not “of a Diet kind” as he puts but rich in “foods that help you burn off the weight.”  I could almost smell the rich mix with herbs and spices. Tony is not telling us what to do but engages us in a conversation about healthy life style adjustments.

You have to try and prepare your own Magic Diet Soup from chef Tony Carapinha of his Cooking Channel “Cookingaround!” I certainly will!

To a Healthy Season!

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