A New Year, A New Life, A New Start

A long time has passed since I communicated with the Grandmother Community.

450x338 rsz_1bigstock-outlook----31514684What happened? No doubt many of you know the feeling when life unexpectedly becomes overwhelming with issues related to health, with twists and turns on the road, and before you know it another year has passed. You wake up one morning and ask yourself: “What happened? Has the year passed by without me?”

Yes, that was last year and good bye to a hairline fracture in the foot, a shoulder fracture from a freaky fall that required surgery, an abdominal surgery and complications along the way. It was a humbling experience. Why? A grandmother who had run a 10K in early 2012 and who introduced herself as a fit and healthy one had become completely vulnerable and dependent. But then, I began to realize above all a gift so filled with abundance which overshadowed everything else:

  • renewed reflection of life;
  • the power of love in small things, words, gestures;
  • enlightenment of life purposes;
  • a deeper insight into one’s unique health and healing process;
  • a closer look at the wisdom of aging and how to accept and adapt.

And so the new year 2013 is speeding along with new life among our Nubian goat family. The two little ones, brother Chocolate and sister Buttercup, are three days old in the picture and break the ‘adorable scale.’ The grandchildren selected the names and put them out for a family vote. 350x201 rsz_1dscn0116

As we enjoy the daily development of the goat family, I became aware that the goat mom has no concept of looking back on her birth event. They so live in the moment, play and seek fun whenever they can. Admittedly, they taught me the biggest lesson:

Seek fun in the moment and play the life game to the fullest!

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