Getting Fit and Feeling Well Again

rsz_women_exercise_il_lucy_rThe buzz is all around: be active, stay fit, keep well and alert! Who would not agree to that?

But it is easier said than done when the bones ache and the joints are stiff in the morning; the back and knees hurt; or you just got over a cold, an illness or surgery; or you were hit with a personal trauma that took the wind out of you. Or, you just have too much going on that saps your energy to the lowest. Sounds familiar?

There is no shortage of books, videos or tapes on How to … become fit again, use various exercise activities, get trim and slim. There are good programs to get motivated and started. Health and fitness coaches stress that exercise should be enjoyable to keep the desire alive and remain active. They all are wonderful and can get us easily going when we are feeling well and enjoy an energy reserve.

Do you know a grandmother who cannot wait to get up in the morning to exercise? Or the one who, after a busy day at work or grandchildren care, rushes home, puts on her exercise gear and is out the door again to the gym? If you know that person, don’t you ask yourself: “How come I cannot get going like she does?” Just thinking about it can get overwhelming. But secretly you so wish to be the energetic grandmother again you once were.

That’s when we need an extra understanding and encouragement the fitness books and tapes may not address: how to push that unique and aging energy button again! My wonderful friend once listened to my whining after I had recovered from a prolonged illness: “I just don’t have it in me anymore to play hide and seek or run around the block with the grandkids like others can.” She looked at me and simply said: “Yes, you do have it in you! It’s not about what others can do. It is about honoring your body at this state. Give it your full attention to rebuild its energy and strength, whatever it takes and however long it takes.” This was a wake-up call.

How easily we get caught up in searching for that magic formula elsewhere to feel fit and well again while losing track of our own body. All it really takes is to simply reflect and listen to our body:
⦁ what can it do now,
⦁ what does it need, and
⦁ how can I nurture it to strengthen again.

You will be amazed how much better you will understand your own state of health and capacity to become stronger again if you focus daily on the following health measures:

1. Put your muscles and bones intentionally to work. They are built for it and yearn for it. Whatever you do already and enjoy, e.g., weight-bearing activities like walking, jogging, dancing, lifting, just crank it up a tiny nodge like 3 to 5 minutes more with some extra vigor. Or if you start anew, select an activity you would enjoy for ten minutes.

2. Nourish your body with more variety of vegetables and fruits and starve it from sugar.

3. Hydrate your body with sufficient water or neutral liquids and starve it from soda of any kind and sodium.

4. Give you body its needed rest.

For some, it may take just a minor lifestyle adjustment. If you find that you need to make significant changes, focus on small adjustments. For instance, if you are used to drinking three cans of soda per day, begin to cut down to two for a while. Or if you only drink one glass of water, add one more.

Always know that any small change can have a big impact on getting fit and feeling well again!

Feeling fit and healthy is different for everyone. Thus, the better we understand our body the easier it is to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments.

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