Fun, Fit and Healthy – a Mindset!

resize 250x190 -smallWhen reading: Fun, Fit and Healthy Grandma you probably immediately envision a bouncy grandmother full of spunk, healthy weight and ready to dash off to a running race, jump on a bike, climb mountains, and chase the grandkids on the playground.

Not so fast!

4 mile resize 350x246 Feb22 13On my training jog this morning Richard caught up with me as I was a bit huffing and puffing and had to slow down. We both are of similar age. He was tall, slender and looked very athletic. I immediately assumed that he is a pro and has run many races in his life. It was rainy and cold; not the most pleasant day to be out and jogging. With a big smile he turned to me and said: “Aren’t we lucky that we are out here and can move our body? Many cannot or would not.” That moment I was not in my ‘lucky zone.’ I felt so out of shape, couldn’t move my body the way I used to, and I began to listen to my inner voice recorder citing my ‘sob story’ of all the reasons why my feet were dragging. But Richard exuded such joyful energy; it was infectious that I responded: “Isn’t this great?” We both exchanged big smiles.

As it turned out, Richard had only recently started to walk/jog to strengthen his heart. He recovered from a recent heart attack and his daughter had signed him up so he would get off the couch and start walking. “I can’t believe it, but I feel so fit unlike ever before,” he said while catching his breath. We both laughed. We understood our respective feeling ‘fit’ though we could not keep up with those ahead of us. And it was cold, and raining! Was it Fun? You bet! It was a fun meeting of minds!

When feeling less than upbeat or energetic than you wish, crank up your spirit a nudge! You may be amazed how your fun factor may influence your sense of overall well-being, if only for a short moment:

  • Laugh about a forgetful moment, even if you feel like crying; “it costs the same!”
  • Giggle while making silly faces with the grandkids or funny noises over the phone with them when not around (it works all the time); or engage in a giggle contest.
  • Enjoy a ‘fun’ book, funny movie or show, or read the funnies in the paper; it only takes a minute to switch that nagging mind.
  • Kick one foot forward when the other is dragging and imagine how funny that might look to the grandkids.

Enjoy a fun and happy mindset!

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