Classy Names for Grandma

Oma 157x253 px Scan0006Do you have a collection box or folder of fun and interesting articles, pictures, snippets of information, recipes you always wanted to try?

My box of collections is filled with stuff, mostly fun stuff: news paper or magazine clippings of all sorts of topics, funnies, pictures, notes that would be of no use to anyone. But I enjoy browsing through it at times.  It’s fun and makes me smile.

Today I found this little survey summary, titled Our Classy Names for Grandma, from a first grade teacher named Cloer. Unfortunately, I do not have the source. But hopefully Cloer will not mind that I share what her enthusiastic group of 17 first graders in South Carolina had to say about their grandmas.      

Grandma NamesFour call her Nannie   Six call her Nana  On e calls her Lore
Six call her Grandma   Five call her Mama   One calls her Mommy
One calls her GG, which stands for Gorgeous Grandma   One calls her Miss Cane
One calls her Homy – she is from Korea   One calls her Doris
One calls her Omashe is from Germany   One calls her Granny 

Comments the children had included:

  • I love my grandmother.  
  • My grandmother is nice.
  • My Grandma is fun too.
  • I love Granny.
  • My grandma is sweet.
  • I love my grandma Mommy.
  • I love my grandmother Oma.

Don’t you love it?

What do your grandkids call you? We would love to hear from you.

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