Melons – A Dieter’s Dream! Really?

Water_melon - Copy 243x209 pixThere is nothing more refreshing during the hot summer days than a piece of ice-cold watermelon! It’s a delight to see the children/grandkids returning from their sports activities, sweaty and with boiling red cheeks to devour freshly cut and chilled watermelon pieces.
I recently bought a Watermelon at the farmer’s market. A few of us customers marveled the bounty of the freshly picked fruit. One of the women remarked: “Watermelons are so delicious, I wish they would be more nutritious. It’s really mostly water, just like the name. “

How Nutritious is the Watermelon?

The red color gives us a hint. Compared to tomatoes, it has nearly twice the amount of lycopene, known to lower the risk of cancers, especially prostate and ovarian. In addition, it provides antioxidant protection.
A high nutrition value in only 46 calories per cup at a cost of pennies? A dieter’s dream at a bargain!
You might ask, how does a watermelon compare to a cantaloupe?

Cantaloupe – How Nutritious?

The cantaloupe has a high concentration of beta-carotene, an antioxidant carotenoid. To highlight a multitude of benefits, beta-carotene is vital in strengthening the immune system, fighting infections, preserving eyesight, and protecting the skin.  In addition, it supplies nearly 100% of daily vitamin C, also an antioxidant, fighting infections and aiding in bone strengthening.
The cantaloupe is another dieter’s dream of a high nutrition value in nearly 55 calories per cup!
Watermelons and cantaloupes are the most common melons we enjoy, especially during the summer.  But all melons in the melon family supply  vital nutrient contents at a low-calorie count.

Most candy bars have a calorie count between 150 to 200 calories which equals nearly 4 cups of melon(s) at what nutritional value?  The answer is clear.
Melons are a dieter’s dream and a guilt-free snack for the children!

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