Fun Video Creation by My Grandchildren

Today is Sunday and a Fun day!

Alex - Copy smallFun, no matter how simple or how we perceive it, it is the juice that boosts health, energy, and a sense of feeling well!

Grandmas, and of course grandpas, have such an advantage! When feeling down a bit or under the weather just get the little helpers, the grandkids, going. And before you know it, you in their world.  The fun begins and you become a kid again yourself.  You will enjoy that special uplift. It becomes an addictive.

Today, I got together with my little helpers: Alex (11),  Ally and Alissa (twins, 8) to finally figure out how to create a short video. We had so much fun creating it! Of course, they were in charge! It was my first trial and error with video creation and for all of us an introduction to learn this great program Powtoon. They are my inspiration, fun support and technical teachers.  Many of you can relate how today’s electronic gadgets, buttons and terminologies can be an overwhelming challenge. But not for these kids who grow up with it.

I like to introduce to you Alex, Ally and Alissa, the now official staff members of the Fun, Fit and Healthy Grandma community.   Enjoy!


To a Fun and Happy Sunday!

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