Gratitude of Wisdom Realized

The title of a blog post by Flower Bear, “a little older, a little wiser,” inspired me in a special way this morning.

resize WisdomFlower wrote: “. . . this week I gave myself a few days off in celebration of my 64th birthday.” She shared why her birthday or the year approaching it became so significant as she become so keenly aware of her true self, what inspires her, and her true essence of being.

Can you relate when a quote, a story, a picture, a special music or any such expression articulates the core of your own emotional or spiritual state of mind filled with deeper thoughts? 

Well, Flower inspired me this morning. She articulated what I felt upon my return from a family gathering in Germany. It was a long ride home (24 hours from house to house via car, bus, air plane). I had time to reflect and got immersed in deep thoughts while intermittently dozing off.

The family had gathered to celebrate life in memory of my brother-in-law who had transitioned into the world of ever-lasting peace. It has been over six years since seeing my family – two sisters and one brother with their extended group(s).  Though our parents had passed the baton of seniority to us long ago, we four easily pass the youthful, fit and healthy boomer or pre-boomer test at our ages, between 59 and 77 years old. But what hit me profoundly was the realization that we had become maybe a little older but considerably wiser.

Years pass and we move through life in our own world which easily becomes our universe. This time I had to step out of my universe, literally travel long hours to return to the life and culture I chose to leave long ago. Unlike any visit throughout the past 50 years, this time I stayed with my oldest sister who not only had to say good-bye to her husband of 50+ years but who also celebrated her 77th birthday. And so did our younger sister, 59 years old, for a few days.

Three sisters together, two days alone, for the first time in life! We laughed, we cried, we toasted, we shared, we connected, . . .  Our harsh past became a blend of our present triumph: Wisdom! Wisdom packed full of gentler thoughts, forgiveness, lessons learned, acceptance of others – our parents, our life journey as it was and is; our wrinkles, pimples and blemishes; our differing thoughts and opinions; our choices; our beliefs and different prayers.

We parted silently, feeling our souls more solidly connected and our hearts tied as sisters having followed along three separate paths only to find the one: the path of wisdom to walk the final stretch of life.

Again, inspired by Flower, I envision the final stretch to be nothing but grateful reflections: an endless list that forms our wisdom:

  • Harsh lessons of life mastered but finally, as Flowers says: “. . .  letting the laundry pile up and the apartment go undusted in exchange for a really good book, . . .” or just sitting in silence and let thoughts wander.
  • An awareness that we are not as important as we thought we are; material things are only that and we can’t take them with us.
  • A smile or laugh at our self and our ‘bloopers.’
  • An awareness of our life foundation, value and principles built by our parents that carried us through.
  • A confidence to overcome the impossible.
  • An ability to think, reflect, wonder, accept and forgive.
  • Appreciating joy in small things, nature, and talents around us
  • Energy we draw and joy we receive from the young: children and grandchildren.

The list is endless but so personal as we each shape our own. I invite you in joining me to write a journal of your own wisdom, daily or weekly or sporadically. I am amazed how enriching it is and will contribute significantly to our overall health and well-being.

Life is amazing!


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