50 Years Ago: “I Have a Dream!”

I have a dream 350x275 pxToday, 50 years ago Martin Luther King Jr.’s called out in his memorable speech “I Have a Dream!”

Fifty years ago I immigrated to this country, not speaking the language and not having any concept of the social issues at the time. But I arrived with a dream, to live a free life – the American dream. Fifty years later I can assure everyone: I have lived the American Dream and continue to do so.

Today, my grandchild, Alex (11) and his twin sisters Ally and Alissa (8), and I talked about having dreams and to follow them. So I asked them to share it with the Fun, Fit and Healthy Grandma community. Here is a copy of their exact written words except when I added in parenthesis :Ally - Copy small

Alex - Copy smallAlex: “I have a dream that one day the world will compromise to everlasting peace.” “I have a dream that I will visit exotic countries.”

Ally: “I have a dream that I will go to the Olympics for gumnstics (gymnastics) then become a marine bioligist and trave the world. I would like to live in Africa next to a jungle on the water – Ally”  Alissa - Copy small

Alissa: “I have a dream that I will be in the Olymipics for gymnastics and travel the world especially sealand in Floriday.”

Enjoy a dream talk with your grandchildren and it would be fun if you share it with us.

Happy Dreams!!


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