The Day I Fell in Love With a Kindle!

Depositphotos_4048892_xsAre you a book lover? Is one of your best treats to browse around in the bookstore? Read in a comfy chair with a nice book and a cup of coffee or tea? Yes, I believe most of us grandmothers are. We did not grow up with electronic gadgets – in this case, with an eReader. The word did not even exist!

Just browse the Amazon site under eBook Readers and the variety of eReaders with accessories is mind-boggling. The most Ereaderspopular types of eReaders and household names today are the Kindle and the Nook. I will continue to refer to a Kindle as a general term as eReader.

How in the world could one fall in love with a Kindle? An electronic gadget that takes away the feel of a book? [Read more…]

50 Years Ago – A Day of Shock Remembered: JFK Assassinated.

350x229 John_F_Kennedy_1964_Issue-5cWe all know the  ever-burning light on J.F. Kennedy’s resting place but not everyone was alive or too young when it was lid.
“Where were you?” was the question today among many of us – boomers and pre-boomers – old enough to remember. Or, our children, grandchildren or the young who are curious ask us.

And so the question circled in the women’s locker room at the YMCA. A group of us had just finished a water aerobics class. Most of us are old enough to remember this day 50 years ago. The conversation became lively.  Everyone shared some brief memories of the moment. But Elsa shared a vivid picture of the common mood everyone recalled: shock, stunned, disbelief, intense grief, almost despair. [Read more…]

50 Years Ago: “I Have a Dream!”

I have a dream 350x275 pxToday, 50 years ago Martin Luther King Jr.’s called out in his memorable speech “I Have a Dream!”

Fifty years ago I immigrated to this country, not speaking the language and not having any concept of the social issues at the time. But I arrived with a dream, to live a free life – the American dream. Fifty years later I can assure everyone: I have lived the American Dream and continue to do so. [Read more…]