Running Out of Ideas Playing With The Grand Kids?

upside-1What to Do With Grand Kids When You’re Out of Ideas?” Ellen Breslau asks. We grandmothers certainly can relate when after a long day together. You have baked some goodies, read stories and played all the games you could think of. Now you are a bit tired and your creative juice has dried out.
Ellen Breslau comes to your rescue with at least ten ideas of which some will recharge your own creative batteries:

  • Make a video instead of watching on your smartphone, iPad or any video device you have.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt; all kids at any age just love it.
  • Clean the house – add fun to it and you will have a ball.
  • Take out family photo albums with pictures of the kids and their parents when they were kids; kids love to see themselves and the stories you tell them.
  • Visit the fire station, pet store or sports store, . . . and many more fun suggestions.

You will note that, while reading about the various activities and their detailed descriptions, your imagination kicks in. You will enjoy just thinking of all the variations you could add. It happened to me.

This article, “What to Do With Kids When You’re Out of Ideas,” by Ellen Breslau is a keeper for your resource box. It will come in handy at one of those long, rainy days or weekends with the grandkids.

The fun you will have with your grandkids and they with you!