A Review of Grandmothers’ 10 Commandments

woman with happy emoticonEvery grandmother knows the Do’s and Don’ts, the sacred commandments that keep us out of trouble when relating to the parents of our precious grandchildren. Why then do we need to carry a roll of duck tape in our purse? Because we know how hard it is to hold our tongue still and keep that mouth ‘shut!’

But do we always know when we break a commandment? Not always but we find out quickly when we do. After all, we only mean well and want to share our wisdom to spare those parents from making the mistakes we made, the later regrets. Or, we just want to make their life easier at times. Those are our intentions, at least most of the time.

When I read “The 10 Commandments for Grandmothers!” by Lisa Carpenter, I realized that I should have a copy in every room to remind me of my grandma role and not to slip into the parent role again. Whether I am a visiting grandmother of three grandkids and a grandmother-in-residence of another set of three, they remind us to stay within our grandma boundaries.

Honor the father and mother of your grandchildren for in most cases, they really are trying their hardest to do right by the children.
Thou shall not murder the dietary and bedtime guidelines set forth by the grandchild’s parents. At least not often. And only when chocolate or a request for just one more bedtime story is involved.”

I read the commandments smiling and feeling reassured that I am not the only grandmother who is running out of duck tape. That’s why I share them here. Actually, I suggest that Lisa rename the title to “The 10 [Happiness] Commandments” because they protect us from causing relationship harm in our  families. Would you agree?

I encourage you to read “The 10 Commandments for Grandparents” and print them for your quick reference. I did!