Enjoy a community of grandmothers! We encourage each other. We strive to stay fit, healthy and well, both physically and mentally, in a  fun spirit.  We  do everything to stay  involved in our grandchildren’s lives as much as possible as they grow. More so, we want to be that Awesome Grandma the grandchildren will never forget!

This virtual community of Fun, Fit and Healthy Grandma opens the door to:

  1. Share  knowledge and wisdom as we grandmothers climb the aging ladder.
  2. Explore the meaning of Fun, Fit and Health more in-depth about the Grandmother role.
  3. Focus on senior women’s health and wellness specifically, including nutrition and activity life.
  4. Discuss family issues that impact our Grandmother role and sense of feeling well.
  5. Encourage, support and enlighten each other while tapping into our energy gift,the power of fun and innocent joy our grandchildren radiate.

Why Specifically Grandmothers?

Grandmothers have a unique place and role within the family that impacts an overall well-being more than realized.

When I became a grandmother and held my grandson for the first time, I suddenly became aware of my age compared to this newborn bundle. “I am the mother of this baby’s Dad! His Dad was my baby,” I marveled with awe. That moment defined my new role in the family: grandmother! The umbilical cord had stretched, thinned and aged over the years. It also had parted as I now share my role with the baby’s Mom’s mother or, as my grandchildren say, the ‘other’ grandma.

What a powerful bond two grandmothers share with this new grandchild wonder!

A Gift of Energy and Sense of Well-Being.

Grandmother roles also involve challenges. A grandmother may live within the inter-generational family household or far away from their grandchildren. Or, diverse life styles, complex family and social dynamics are a few factors that influence their personal life and  impact a sense of well-being.

But, talk to a grandmother about the grand-kids or watch when asked: “Do you have grandchildren?” The response seems  universal: a sort of rejuvenating glow transcends and all distress if forgotten for that moment.

Throughout my career when working with older adults I noted that, no matter how disabled or ill they were, whenever grandchildren came around or were just mentioned I detected a youthful energy taking over: smiles, laughter, fun exchanges – mild and hearty. In fact, my very sick patients in the nursing home calmed down, slept and ate better after a family visit, especially when grandchildren were along.

That joy grandchildren bring is an energy gift. Though we  may not consciously be aware of its impact, we can learn to tap into it. It is quite unique and we should not underestimate its underlying power. For instance, that energy can give us extra fuel to pay attention to our health and fitness lifestyle and nurture our sense of joy and purpose.

Of course that  gift is not only special to Grandmothers. But we cannot ignore a biological energy connection as mother to child to grandchild. Grandmothers understand that. It is a silent but powerful energy gift we can and ought to tap into as we focus on a healthful life and re-kindle a youthful fun spirit. That energy raises the bar of a ‘well feeling.’ It is a feeling like having a snowball fight with the kids or a splashing water fight with them. And we forget for a moment the aches and pain of our joints .

Let Our Energy Gift  Fuel our Health!

Ute Goldkuhle

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