How to Get Your Grandchildren to Drink Water!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s a hot and humid weekend here in Virginia. This is a time when we need to pay extra attention to drink enough water, especially our children. This can be a challenge though when water is not the preferred drink.

In a recent post “Water: The Juice of Life” I wrote about the importance of replenishing our body continually with water to keep us alert, energized and overall healthy. I explained that our brain cannot store water. It needs constant replenishment to keep alert and functioning.

However, I did not emphasize how important it is to pay extra attention to the children who are growing and their brain is in constant high gear to learn about life. [Read more…]

50 Years Ago: “I Have a Dream!”

I have a dream 350x275 pxToday, 50 years ago Martin Luther King Jr.’s called out in his memorable speech “I Have a Dream!”

Fifty years ago I immigrated to this country, not speaking the language and not having any concept of the social issues at the time. But I arrived with a dream, to live a free life – the American dream. Fifty years later I can assure everyone: I have lived the American Dream and continue to do so. [Read more…]

Apple – A Super-food!

Soon the fresh apple season begins. What do we really know about apples? “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” We all grew up with that phrase.

246px-Malus_Goldrenette_F._v._BerlepschWe know that apples are good for us.  More so, apples are delicious! Desserts, pies, sauces, apple snacks of all sorts satisfy any pallet. Apples are the most widely cultivated tree fruits in huge varieties among different cultures across the globe. They originated in Europe. Today, over 2,000 varieties of apples exist.

What is so Special About an Apple to be in the Super-food Category?

Thanks to the advancement of nutritional science and research, the apple is considered a little powerhouse. Here is why. To summarize, the apple: [Read more…]

Gratitude of Wisdom Realized

The title of a blog post by Flower Bear, “a little older, a little wiser,” inspired me in a special way this morning.

resize WisdomFlower wrote: “. . . this week I gave myself a few days off in celebration of my 64th birthday.” She shared why her birthday or the year approaching it became so significant as she become so keenly aware of her true self, what inspires her, and her true essence of being.

Can you relate when a quote, a story, a picture, a special music or any such expression articulates the core of your own emotional or spiritual state of mind filled with deeper thoughts?  [Read more…]

Turmeric – A Powerful Botanical Medicine

7-b-tumericTurmeric has recently gotten a lot of attention because of its medicinal power. This yellow pigmented, aromatic powder that comes from the rhizome of the antioxidant-rich ginger family, is often used in Indian dishes and the main ingredient in most Indian curry powders. This amazing spice combats free radicals, inflammatory damage, and helps protect against memory loss. It is also said to help relieve problems with digestion, arthritis pain, menstrual pain, heartburn, and other issues.

I am sure you are as curious as I am to understand better what turmeric really is.  Of course, you always can do your own research for more in-depth information. But I thought you would be interested in a brief summary of my findings to gain a better understanding of this amazing plant. [Read more…]

Simple Tips to Keep Your Gluten-Free Grandchild Healthy and Happy!

gluten 250x285 - CopyYou are so excited! Your grandchildren are coming. But you just learn that little Amy is allergic to gluten and has to eat gluten-free. You become a bit anxious. You don’t know that much about gluten allergies, though the parents have filled you in extensively about the Do’s and the Don’ts.

What is Gluten & How does it Affect the Body?

  • Gluten is a substance present in grains, especially wheat, rye, and barley and forms the elastic texture of dough.
  • Gluten allergies, also known as Celiac’s disease, are an autoimmune condition that affects about 1% of the population.
  • Gluten intolerance differs among people based on multiple factors that involve digestion and absorption in the small intestine. Glutenous food can have toxic effects on the intestine to the point of serious destruction.
  • Health issues include severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, and feeling violently sick which could become life-threatening.

The only way to prevent the health issues is to avoid eating foods that contain gluten. It is literally the difference between having a full day of energy and happiness or a full day of pain and sickness.  [Read more…]

3 Important Considerations Before Emergency Travel Abroad

Hauptmarkt_TrierThis is not a post about preparing for travel at your leisure, nor will I cover what and how to pack. Most travel agencies offer comprehensive tips and guidelines.

An emergency trip with a short window of planning prompted me to share my experience with you.

One phone call and all plans for the month change. It was a call from my sister in Germany. Her husband, my brother-in-law, had passed away. We were closely connected. I felt that I needed to see my sister, her family and my siblings. We are four, three in our seventies and one trying to catch up with the senior crowd. We have not been together for over five years.  [Read more…]

A Fun Day With the Grandchildren at Mount Vernon

320px-MTVernonseenfromtheriverEvery grandparent knows that the grandchildren LOVE to go and visit places.  But they may not know how much we enjoy to explore with them parks and historical sites. Visit a historical park and you will be in grandparent company.

Nearly 60% of grandparents travel with their grandchildren: day trips or longer travel tours. And summer time is high season of grandparent travel with the kids.

It was a beautiful warm day. On short notice Ally and Alissa packed lunch for the three of us and off we drove to explore a living-history plantation: Mount Vernon in Alexandria, VA, the home of George Washington for over 40 years during the mid 1700s.  It is close to Washington, DC – our Capital everyone wishes to visit at least once.  [Read more…]

Water: The Juice of Life and Health! Why?

Glass Water close 233 by 350 px MP900422193 - CopyHave you ever wondered why you feel out of sorts at times? 

You are telling the grandkids a story about your life, but suddenly you cannot remember the name of a town, or even the name of a relative.

You may have to ask (or look up) more than once what time your grandchild’s basketball game starts. (As Grandma-in-Residence, it drives my grandkids’ parents crazy – LOL!)

Suddenly the kids get on your nerves; you lose patience, you can’t concentrate, and you get irritated more easily than usual.

And, have you also noticed that suddenly your grandchildren become cranky, irritable, and hard to handle?

Your first thought is most likely that the kids are hungry – which may be so. Or, you think that your age is catching up with you, which may not be so.

Scientific evidence may surprise you. Before I go further, here is a little quiz and a great way to catch the attention of your grandchildren:   [Read more…]

Summer Smoothie: Quenching Your Grandchildren’s Thirst in a Healthy Way!

2-smoothieThe summer season is here! The grandchildren are out of school, and the outdoor fun has begun.  And so have the summer treats.

That smoothie at the Smoothie Bar around the corner looks most refreshing and tastes so delicious!  You cannot resist sharing this special treat with your grandchildren.  

But how nutritious is this smoothie? 

Recently I gave my grandchildren, ages 7 (twins) and 11, a quiz question:

“What do you think:  Smoothies  =  Healthy  (True) or (False)? “

Actually, their answer was not surprising since they know me too well and are totally biased. But then Ally said: “What about:  Smoothies  =  Yummy (True) or (False)? Some kids may not like your healthy smoothies. “ 

I was startled because I so took it for granted that everyone likes smoothies. All my  grandchildren and their friends when around love those I quickly blend together.

If you have never prepared your own smoothie, don’t wait any longer and get your blender busy. You can whip up in no time a blend of a few raw vegetables and fresh fruits into a delicious, natural energy booster.  And, the cost compared to a commercially prepared smoothie or a sugary drink from the soda fountain is only a fraction.  [Read more…]