Fun Video Creation by My Grandchildren

Today is Sunday and a Fun day!

Alex - Copy smallFun, no matter how simple or how we perceive it, it is the juice that boosts health, energy, and a sense of feeling well!

Grandmas, and of course grandpas, have such an advantage! When feeling down a bit or under the weather just get the little helpers, the grandkids, going. And before you know it, you in their world.  The fun begins and you become a kid again yourself.  You will enjoy that special uplift. It becomes an addictive.

Today, I got together with my little helpers: Alex (11),  Ally and Alissa (twins, 8) to finally figure out how to create a short video. We had so much fun creating it! Of course, they were in charge! It was my first trial and error with video creation and for all of us an introduction to learn this great program Powtoon. They are my inspiration, fun support and technical teachers.  Many of you can relate how today’s electronic gadgets, buttons and terminologies can be an overwhelming challenge. But not for these kids who grow up with it.

I like to introduce to you Alex, Ally and Alissa, the now official staff members of the Fun, Fit and Healthy Grandma community.   Enjoy!


To a Fun and Happy Sunday!

How to Listen to Your Body’s Health Signals

Listen Vs. Ignore - Toggle SwitchHave you ever listened to your body whispering, talking, or shouting to you? Did you know that our body is giving us the most valuable health information through signals? Body signals speak volumes about what ails us. They are cues and alert us that something is off-balance.  The problem is that many of us don’t recognize the warning cues or brush them aside: “No pain, no gain!”

Thirst , hunger or fatigue are a few of very basic signals. They are easy to note and to do something about. But being attentive and listening to the more subtle cues requires a  conscious effort to get to know our body better.  Each person is unique; and so are their signals.

Mark Sisson says it well: “The body has – and shares – its own brand of wisdom. We’d do well to heed its cues before it smacks us over the head with a club.” [Read more…]

Melons – A Dieter’s Dream! Really?

Water_melon - Copy 243x209 pixThere is nothing more refreshing during the hot summer days than a piece of ice-cold watermelon! It’s a delight to see the children/grandkids returning from their sports activities, sweaty and with boiling red cheeks to devour freshly cut and chilled watermelon pieces.
I recently bought a Watermelon at the farmer’s market. A few of us customers marveled the bounty of the freshly picked fruit. One of the women remarked: “Watermelons are so delicious, I wish they would be more nutritious. It’s really mostly water, just like the name. “

How Nutritious is the Watermelon?

[Read more…]

Classy Names for Grandma

Oma 157x253 px Scan0006Do you have a collection box or folder of fun and interesting articles, pictures, snippets of information, recipes you always wanted to try?

My box of collections is filled with stuff, mostly fun stuff: news paper or magazine clippings of all sorts of topics, funnies, pictures, notes that would be of no use to anyone. But I enjoy browsing through it at times.  It’s fun and makes me smile.

Today I found this little survey summary, titled Our Classy Names for Grandma, from a first grade teacher named Cloer. Unfortunately, I do not have the source. But hopefully Cloer will not mind that I share what her enthusiastic group of 17 first graders in South Carolina had to say about their grandmas.       [Read more…]

Fun, Fit and Healthy – a Mindset!

resize 250x190 -smallWhen reading: Fun, Fit and Healthy Grandma you probably immediately envision a bouncy grandmother full of spunk, healthy weight and ready to dash off to a running race, jump on a bike, climb mountains, and chase the grandkids on the playground.

Not so fast! [Read more…]

Getting Fit and Feeling Well Again

rsz_women_exercise_il_lucy_rThe buzz is all around: be active, stay fit, keep well and alert! Who would not agree to that?

But it is easier said than done when the bones ache and the joints are stiff in the morning; the back and knees hurt; or you just got over a cold, an illness or surgery; or you were hit with a personal trauma that took the wind out of you. Or, you just have too much going on that saps your energy to the lowest. Sounds familiar?

There is no shortage of books, videos or tapes on How to … become fit again, use various exercise activities, get trim and slim. There are good programs to get motivated and started. Health and fitness coaches stress that exercise should be enjoyable to keep the desire alive and remain active. They all are wonderful and can get us easily going when we are feeling well and enjoy an energy reserve. [Read more…]

A New Year, A New Life, A New Start

A long time has passed since I communicated with the Grandmother Community.

450x338 rsz_1bigstock-outlook----31514684What happened? No doubt many of you know the feeling when life unexpectedly becomes overwhelming with issues related to health, with twists and turns on the road, and before you know it another year has passed. You wake up one morning and ask yourself: “What happened? Has the year passed by without me?”

Yes, that was last year and good bye to a hairline fracture in the foot, a shoulder fracture from a freaky fall that required surgery, an abdominal surgery and complications along the way. It was a humbling experience. Why? A grandmother who had run a 10K in early 2012 and who introduced herself as a fit and healthy one had become completely vulnerable and dependent. But then, I began to realize above all a gift so filled with abundance which overshadowed everything else: [Read more…]

Grandma Jogging Through the Finish Line!

resized Max 10K Large 12238715 - CopyWhy would a 70-year-old grandma run a 10K race, covering 6.2 miles? Because she wanted to, she set a goal, and she made a commitment.

Grandma jogging through the 10K Finish Line! And so did my Grandson (10) with his Dad, my son. But they ran of course! Andrew Max Oma 364x273 resize 10K April 2012 036

On race day the air is filled with energy, excitement and adrenalin rush. It is absolutely contagious. And the moment you cross the finish line is so awesome! You get hooked and want to be part of it again and again. [Read more…]