The ‘Boomer’ Grandma and her Silent Struggle

resize 250x200 BestPhotos.US - CopyAsk any Grandmother  today: “What is your number one commitment?” and she will answer: “Stay young, healthy, independent, and have fun with the grandchildren!

The outspoken, ever-young grandmother will not easily admit to her silent struggle: how to balance her busy life and be that grandma she wants to be. That is, hang out with the grandkids and be part of their developing life.

This is not surprising!  The majority of grandmothers today belong to the famous 79 million Baby Boomer generation we hear so much about. They were born between 1943 and 1960.  They are  described as the most outspoken, strongest and healthiest grandma generation. They significantly impact the 30 million Pre-Boomers, born between 1930 and 1945, by pushing and pulling them to stay active, to learn and get involved using today’s technology and stay in touch with the world. And, they influence the lives of the youngest grandmothers, born after 1960, to accept aging as part of maturing health.

Grandmothers are  go-getters, run races, are more health conscious, and fill the fitness programs. It is no longer unusual to see them at nearly any age run races. For example, last April I ran a 10K race and an eighty-one year old grandmother beat me by one minute. She was 10 years older than I.  Just watch the finish line at any race and you will see a large group of seniors participating.

About 43% work outside the house, many in leadership positions, and report the highest median income. Many start new lives, pursue new careers, or turn entrepreneurial dreams into reality. They are determined to catch up or keep up with the digital age. Nothing stops them to stay young forever.

So What is the Silent Struggle?

Grandmothers today struggle with a role disparity of the traditional grandmother. The lifestyle of our own grandmothers does not quite match the boomer life. Our grandmother would have never asked: “How do I manage a thriving new business, travel, exercise, and find time with my grandchildren to play?” Or, a grandmother recently shared: “My grandmother was so wonderful, always had time for me, baked special cookies for me, . . .  I want to be like her but how?”

I am sure you have told yourself as I have that you cannot be the only grandmother whose to-do list is getting longer and longer, but less is getting done. You are running out of steam faster. Yet, you feel you do more than ever to catch up or keep up as you also try to be that awesome, youthful grandma who ‘never gets old.’

An Opportunity to Re-adjust our Grandma Image to  the Boomer Life Style

Unlike any other time, we grandmothers have a fabulous opportunity today to take advantage of the power of virtual communication and form a global bond. More than ever, we can prove our strength and resilience collectively by exchanging a wealth of information, special ideas and insights to meet our life challenges together.

We can motivate each other in so many more ways to:

  • enhance our physical and mental activity to become or stay fit and alert,
  • pay attention to our health needs and habits; and most importantly
  • support, encourage and lift our spirits with joyful approaches to turn the aging challenges into adventurous fun.

That’s what Fun, Fit and Healthy Grandma is all about: to turn the boomer grandma struggle into an opportunity to create a ‘grandma image’ our grandchildren’s children will remember and say: “What an awesome grandma I had, she taught me how to build a business and use the fancy gadgets!”

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